Babyliss Pro BPEC1 Mens Easy Cut Cordless Shaver

  • 2 lock in adjustable comb guides with 4 height settings
  • Unique rotary cutting system
  • Battery operated trimmer included
  • Cord or cordless operation
  • Pouch included

Babyliss pro for men easy cut handheld clipper is an innovative home haircutting tool designed to make it easy to maintain a short even hair cut. its unique rotary blade and surround comb guide cut the hair in any direction, making it just so easy to use.

These clippers have an unusual round design with two different tough plastic comb guides, each with four settings to adjust the blade height. This is OK in theory, but not great in practice as you need to go over the area several times from different angles to get anything approaching a smooth finish.

However the major gripe has to be the internal “re-chargeable” battery, which is next to useless. It worked OK for the first couple of charges, after which it wouldn’t hold any charge at all, so using it straight off the mains was the only option. Then after six months of using it from the mains once every three or four weeks, it packed up completely and wouldn’t work off the mains either, producing no more than a phut-phut sound of a motor barely receiving any power at all.

For any product of this type, a battery with this kind of performance and service life is totally unacceptable. Where was the product testing prior to it being placed on the market? It looks as though there was none. It’s now useless, and has to be abandoned and replaced.

The only positive thing about this offering is the battery-operated trimmer included with the package. This runs off conventional AA batteries which last much longer than the (allegedly) rechargeable ones in the rotary clipper, and the trimmer in fact works OK. This minor redeeming feature raises the 2-product combo to two stars rather than one. The main clipper however, due to its appalling battery, deserves a big zero.

Babyliss pro bpec mens easy cut cordless shaver1 Babyliss Pro BPEC1 Mens Easy Cut Cordless Shaver

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